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Legal disputes can be disruptive to your business. At South Fraser Law Group, we understand the importance of getting you out of the courtroom and back into the boardroom as quickly as possible.

If you are dealing with a business dispute, please contact us immediately. There are statutory deadlines called “limitations periods” that may prevent you from taking legal action. Legal advice is best sought early.


At South Fraser Law Group, our commercial litigation lawyers are experts in resolving business disputes. Our team of lawyers are skillful negotiators and well-practiced in the art of mediation and arbitration. However, if a matter does require a trial, our seasoned lawyers are highly experienced and have represented clients at the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Small Claims, Federal Court and Tax Court levels, and have also appeared before numerous tribunals and administrative bodies.

We assist clients with a wide range of matters including issues arising from breach of contract, negligence, statutory obligations, commercial leasing, claims and obligations under the Builders Lien Act, BCA claims and corporate governance issues, shareholder disputes and oppression claims, strata property disputes, real property and estate issues and disputes, Canada Revenue Agency rulings and appeals, professional negligence claims, occupiers liability, collections, creditor/debtor claims and remedies, bankruptcy and insolvency.

Our diverse experience allows us to provide legal advice that makes business sense for our clients.


As a full-service law firm, we are able to meet all your business needs. Many legal issues that businesses face can be avoided by proactively seeking expert legal advice. Our lawyers will help clients draft important legal documents, such as contracts, joint venture agreements, lease agreements and shareholders’ agreements. Having a lawyer assist in creating these documents helps to protect your rights and avoid legal issues and disputes, and sets the foundation for commercial success. 

Our Corporate and Commercial Lawyers:

Jaspreet S. Malik                         Ravneet K. Diocee                          Sundeep K. Dhaliwal                          Ajay S. Grewal

Personal Injury: Welcome
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